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xmplr klein gustrouw

Completed: Klein Gustrouw Wines

I was responsible for all the artwork: photogragphy & their winelabel redesign. The client also wanted a email submission; to add users to their mailing list.

Job Specifications:

Joomla CMS, 100% Tableless CSS, Full Photography & jQuery Gallery, Contact Submission, SEO Consultancy & Optimization done by Platinumseed Marketing. Hosting domain(s) on my own resellers account.

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xmplr ducpa

Followup: DuCap

The client has requested additional features & funcitonality for the website; exclusive content for priviledged users. Along with users being able to view information on European Markets, via rediredct.Will be meeting the client this week, for an overview of the newly installed components.

Job Specifications:

Joomla CMS, 100% Tableless CSS, Full Photography, SEO Consultancy by Platinumseed Marketing

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